Hideout Cabins don’t provide everything you’ll need for your Rocky Mountain vacation, but we have some basics covered:

A couple enjoying their Rocky Mountain vacation wedding at Hideout CabinsThe cabins have blankets, sheets, pillows, towels, pots and pans, dishes and silverware. There is also salt, pepper and occasionally some condiments. Especially for the use of winter guests that might unexpectedly get snow and really not wish to go out driving, we try to have a few emergency food supplies, even if it is just instant rice and a can of corn and beans!

There are cafes, restaurants, antique stores and a laundry facility in Allenspark and a small grocery/laundry at Meeker Park which is open during the summer season (past Allenspark on Hwy 7 going towards Estes Park). Larger grocery stores are in Lyons and Estes Park. A small store in Raymond (easy walking from River Hideout and about 7 miles from the Aspen Hideout and Honeymoon Hideout cabins) will get you by with a few items.

The cabins have dish soap, bar soap, toilet tissue and some paper towels. (We have found that heavy users of paper towels-parents, etc.- might like to bring extra).

We provide wood for indoor use for the woodstoves in the winter and fall. Since campfires tend to use a lot of firewood, you should plan on bringing your own for this purpose. And even though we provide a hatchet for making kindling, some people find it helpful to bring some old newspaper along for starting fires, or fire starter from a store.

The weather can turn cool no matter when you’re having your Rocky Mountain vacation, so bring a sweater or jacket even in the summer.

A flashlight is handy if arriving late at night.